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((Please don't participate unless your RP nation pairs well with Austria. Otherwise it's just gonna get awkward...))

You are walking through Vienna looking for a place to eat when you happen upon a concert hall. You decide to go in. Inside the lobby you can hear the sound of piano playing. You cautiously enter the music hall.

Inside, Austria is onstage playing piano alone. The entire hall is empty except for the brunette nation. His hands skip over the keys gracefully and you notice his hair curl has fallen into his face but he is so focused on his playing that he hasn't noticed. You see that his eyes are closed and are shocked when you realize that he must know this piece by heart.

Suddenly he stops playing. At first you think that it's because he has noticed you spying on him and it about to kick you out until you see him run both his hands through his long hair to smooth it back and wipe at his eyes with the classic motion of rubbing away tears. You...


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Roderich Edelstein
Artist | Professional | Literature
My name es Roderich Edelstein. Mein hobbies include playing piano unt eating sveets. I answer all of ze questions asked of me. Except ze stupid questions. I refuse to tolerate ze stupid questions.

I maintain zat Germany broke zat cup.


Click Me!

Click Me!

Prussia (:iconkissmienawesomeass:)

Adopted Bruders:
America (:iconi--cry--alone:)
Italy (:iconaskhrexchibitalia:)

Friends (:iconrussias-maid:)

Young Me: (:iconask-chibiaustria:)

Vant to be added to mein relationships list? Just say so in a comment.

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